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medical technology and pharmaceutical sales GmbH

The company medikus was founded in 2006 in Vienna by Mag. Pharm. Dr. Christian Kraule, MBA and Ms. Nicole Kraule, MBA founded.


Ms. Christina Stöffler, MBA and Mr. Rudolf Bartsch have been important companions since the beginning.


medikus has specialized in the distribution of ventilation systems, infusion systems and closed oncological systems. In the area of ​​oncological care (preparation and administration of cytostatics), the company is a dominant pioneer in the market for the safety of hospital staff (nurses and doctors) against highly aggressive and tumor-inducing cytostatics.


In 2016 the subsidiary DOC medikus GmbH was established in 3500 Krems. DOC medikus develops and produces medical products for neonatal, oncological and, above all, medical care of highly critical intensive care patients. DOC medikus is the only company that also produces these products in Lower Austria / Austria.


In order to do justice to the slogan “we care life ” and the developments of the digital age, our webshop was launched in April 2020 .

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